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Others pay the price for what we buy

When we purchase a pair of jeans, a mobile telephone, a carpet or fruit from the tropics, we can only do so because others have worked to produce these goods – often under abysmal conditions. They may work on an assembly line without breaks, in buildings under the threat of collapse or with dangerous exposure to toxic chemicals. Through our consumer choices, we impact the lives of others.

Globalisation has ushered in an era of production that uses convoluted paths involving numerous producers from all over the world. Often, the aim is to fabricate goods as cheaply and swiftly as possible. Other people pay the real price of this way of producing. In the South, work is done under inhumane and unhealthy conditions.. At the beginning of the production chain, where raw materials are extracted, the situation does not bode any better: environmentally damaging methods are often used in the mining of raw materials such as coltan, copper, gold, and more. Some of these materials come from conflict areas. Or, as with cotton, crops may be grown in monocultures that use intensive irrigation, and are treated with harsh chemicals that in the long run destroy the soil.

As consumers, we are able to influence this situation. Our consumer choices help decide whether price alone matters, or if social and environmental criteria also play a role in what we buy.

What Bread for all does

In the North

Through specific campaigns, media action, and publications, Bread for all helps raise awareness about how the goods we consume are produced We also advocate for consumer responsibility by demonstrating ways to consume responsibly.

As a co-founder and supporter of organisations such as Max Havelaar, Claro, Fairwear Foundation, STEP, Clean Clothes Campaign and TerrEspoir, Bread for all is wholeheartedly committed to fair trade.

Bread for all actively lobbies to ensure that the public sector, as a major consumer, takes its responsibilities seriously in countries of production In this vein, we publish statements and studies to strengthen advocacy and support the political platform for fairness taken by pubic officials and decision makers.

In the South

Bread for all supports investigations and studies that expose the often appalling work conditions in the global South, namely, for example, in the IT and apparel industries.

We also support and provide backing to partnering organisations in these countries that are engaged in educating workers about their rights and improving their working conditions.

Our partners


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