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Cultivating Fiscal Inequality: The Socfin Report


A new report by Bread for all, Alliance Sud and the German Network for Tax Justice on the tax strategy of agribusiness corporation Socfin reveals how multinatio…

Bio Bud Label certifies palm oil plantation


Bio Suisse stands for organic production, sustainability - and also for fairness. The certification of Socfin palm oil plantations damages the credibility of th…

Glencore: Dangerous Business in a Fragile State


It is difficult for the victims to obtain justice in a country with a weak judiciary. The Responsible Business Initiative, which will be voted on in a month's t…

Friends of the Earth Groups an supporters file complaint against ING for financing palm oil abuses


Today Friends of the Earth groups Milieudefensie (NL), Sustainable Development Institute (Liberia) and WALHI (Indonesia) file a OECD complaint against the Dutch…

Dust in the air and polluted soils : Glencore does not exercise enough due diligence in Congo


Glencore, with its copper and cobalt mines, continues to pollute the air and soil around the town of Kolwezi in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Electronics firms rating: From Apple to Huawei – profit before workers’ rights


In the mobile phone and computer industries labour rights are still a sore point. In particular the new market giant Huawei and HTC still have much to do.