About us

Our commitment to a fairer world

Bread for all is dedicated to bringing about new models of food production and economies in all regions of the world. Achieving this goal depends upon cooperation between people, the respect for human rights and a value for natural resources.

Bread for all campaigns encompass both the spiritual as well as political aspects of transitioning to these new models. A profound change in our worldview can provide the foundation for such a shift. A structural and legal framework, is also needed in order for new forms of production and nutrition to develop.


Our developmental priorities:

Business and human rights

Forced relocations, inhumane working conditions, child labour - time and again, global businesses have violated human rights and damaged the environment.

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Agriculture and climate

Present-day agricultural and food systems are the main drivers of global warming. If we want to protect the climate, biodiversity and habitats, an urgent change of course is needed.

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Land grabbing

For some years, a new phenomenon has threatened the food security of millions of people: the sale and leasing of huge swathes of land to foreign countries and investors.

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Fair consumption

When we purchase a pair of jeans, a mobile telephone or carpets, we can only do so because others have worked to produce these goods – often under abysmal conditions.

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Our partners – together we are strong

Bread for all is able to transform its goals into effective action by working together with project partners from numerous countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Each of our selected partner organisations specialises in a particular topic and field, and is deeply rooted in the economic and political realities of its country. Each partnering organization therefore has the necessary expertise and ability to adapt solutions to current situations on the ground. This know-how enables it to defend the local population’s human rights including its right to food.