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FTA Switzerland – Indonesia: Respect human rights and nature - keep palm oil outside!


Open letter to Federal Councillor Johann Schneider-Ammann: Palm oil must be excluded from the free trade agreement between Switzerland and Indonesia.


No improvement in Sierra Leone


After the takeover of the failed Addax project by Sunbird Bioenergy Africa Ltd, the situation for those affected has not improved.


Electronics firms rating: From Apple to Huawei – profit before workers’ rights


In the mobile phone and computer industries labour rights are still a sore point. In particular the new market giant Huawei and HTC still have much to do.

Development Policy

Our developmental priorities:

Wirtschaft und Menschenrechte_Problem_IMG_1480

Business and human rights

Forced relocations, inhumane working conditions, child labour - time and again, global businesses have violated human rights and damaged the environment.

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Agriculture and climate

Present-day agricultural and food systems are the main drivers of global warming. If we want to protect the climate, biodiversity and habitats, an urgent change of course is needed.

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Ein Mann vor einem gerodeten Stück Land_Brot für alle

Land grabbing

For some years, a new phenomenon has threatened the food security of millions of people: the sale and leasing of huge swathes of land to foreign countries and investors.

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Faire Lieferketten_Computer_Lösung_Bfa_China_2010_Produktion Fairphone

Fair consumption

When we purchase a pair of jeans, a mobile telephone or carpets, we can only do so because others have worked to produce these goods – often under abysmal conditions.

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